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You can start to customize your site by logging in with this account:

  • Username: admin
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The first thing you will want to do is change your password with a more secure one. You can do this by click on the "Administer site" link in the left margin after you log in. Then hover over "Modules" in the top menu and select "Users & Groups".

You can customize this webpage content or any item on your site in the Administrator console with is always accessible via the "Administer site" link when you are logged in. All "content" is managed under the "Site Content" drop down menu.

We encourage you to visit the link at the left entitled "Sample Page with All Components Added" to get a feel for the different types of content modules that you can add to the site. You can disable that page from view and use it as a reference at a later time should you need it.

We've also set up some additional pages to help get you started. You can disable those or delete them if you don't need them.


Welcome to your new web site.

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You can use the Tips Manager to display a message on your homepage. All active tips will cycle through randomly.

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