Sample Page with All Components Added

posted 10/13/2007 10:14am

This page was created to give you an idea of all the different types of content blocks you can add to a page. As you can see, you can create different kinds of content such as the features box (below), margin boxes (right) and a framed normal box. In addition, you can time activate a component so it automatically appears on the site and is removed from the site when you want it, as well as add META keywords and a page description for Search Engine Optimization.

This page also shows some optional items in the margins enabled on a page-by-page basis. This includes the "Search site" module, "Latest forum posts" module, "Latest articles" module, and "Top pages" module. All these features are accessible in the advanced fields section of the webpage settings.

Feature Box #1
This is an example of a feature box. A feature box can be place on any web page that you create. This example has a linked title that takes you to a continuation of this story (optional).


Feature Box #2
This is an example of a feature box without a link because it doesn't contain a full story.
Normal body box
This is an example of a normal body box. You can insert one of these on any page if you want to draw more emphasis to an item on the page, or if you want to time activate some content on the page.
Margin Box #1
This is a sample margin box. You can place these on any web page that you create.
Margin Box #2
This is another example but it contains a link to the full story because data was entered into the "Full story" field.
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