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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a program in which neighbors work together in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime. Crime Watch is not a vigilante organization; rather it is an organization that assists police to make neighborhoods safer for all citizens.

Neighborhood Crime Watch operates under two principles:

  1. getting to know your neighbors, and
  2. watching after your neighbors and their property.

If you have an incident to report, please click "Submit Incident" below AFTER you have called the police.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching other neighbors' units during times when burglaries are likely to occur.

If You See Something Suspicious...

Write down the description of suspicious person(s). Get the make, model, color and license number of strange vehicles. Call the police department (911), then submit the incident above so it can be posted on this page.

If You Are Going Away...

Leave the following information with a trusted friend or neighbor:

  • Where you are going.
  • How you can be reached, in case of an emergency.
  • When you expect to return.
  • If anybody will be at your home... a friend, house sitter, etc.

What To Do When You're Going Away

  • Stop newspaper and mail deliveries, or arrange for a neighbor to pick them up.
  • Store extra cash and valuables in a bank safety deposit box.
  • Arrange for a neighbor to watch your unit. Give them a key, and let them know where you can be reached in an emergency.

What To Do When Your Neighbors Are Away

  • Know exactly when your neighbors are leaving and when they will return.
  • Collect any newspapers if they are delivered.
  • Make a daily check of the premises. Inspect all windows and doors.
  • Don't tell any inquiring strangers that your neighbors are away on a trip.

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